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Welcome to FS Airpark!

This is a site for flight simulator enthusiasts to track their flights and simulate aircraft ownership and operations in an interactive community.


About FS Airpark

When you log in, you'll see a list of the people, aircraft, FBOs, and recent activity at your current location airport. Choose an airplane to fly and head out, or use an airline flight or cab ride to move yourself to another airport in the FS Airpark system. As you travel, you'll meet people, gain experience points, and have opportunities for special flights.

There is no client software required. All you do is choose an airplane and log your hours. It works just the same for Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane, Flight Gear, or any other simulator. You could even sit in a cardboard box making airplane noises for an hour if you wanted to. The website is lightweight and efficient, so it works well on slow connections or mobile devices.

FS Airpark has been in service since 2008, and logged over 1,000 flights. The site has evolved and expanded to include some complicated features, which have been simplified and distilled to arrive at the present version. It's a flexible, open-ended system for tracking your virtual aviation career.