DC-6B Flagship

The Definitive Propliner Virtual Airline

There are already virtual airlines with "retro" departments. There are even some dedicated to "vintage" aircraft. But until now, there hasn't been a VA with a realistic fleet and route structure dedicated entirely to the zenith of piston-engine airliners.

Whether you're an old hand looking for an immersive propliner experience, or you're just starting to explore what it's like to fly "proper airliners," we hope you'll find and share your knowledge here as you take on the challenge of flying these unique planes.

It's 1952

American Legend Airlines serves a nationwide route structure with a fleet of proven, reliable modern airliners including the Douglas DC-3, Convair 240, and our flagship Douglas DC-6B. American Legend will be among the first airlines to receive the new Douglas DC-7, which will allow us to provide nonstop service from New York City to San Francisco in only 8 hours.

Safety, comfort, and reliability are our top priorities. Our pilots are hand-picked from the best the industry has to offer. When they're not out flying the line, each of them must undergo intensive training to make sure they're ready for anything. Our passengers couldn't be in better hands.

At our maintenance bases throughout the country, an army of highly skilled mechanics work around the clock to keep our planes in tip-top shape. The polished silver skin is their signature finishing touch, assuring that no detail has been overlooked.